Facebook was my idea!

Last weekend I watched the movie “The Social Network” which revealed the story behind Facebook. And, there is something I always wanted to mention: FACEBOOK WAS MY IDEA!

I graduated from German high school back in 1996, 5 years before Google started off. So if I am not mistaken about 8 years before Facebook was born. I know the twins actually had the idea and then got money from Zuckerberg because he stole their idea and modified it. All a nice story but…

In 1996 my friend Michael and I decided that after graduation we needed to come up with a website for everyone to stay in touch. The old Excel lists wouldn’t work for long, as no one sends their new data around, do they? But if they had an online profile to change it themselves they might. And, if things worked out we could extend it to other graduation years. As we all smoked Lucky Strike those days, we called the site “Lucky Abi 1996”. I googled it just now but I believe it has been taken down a few years ago 🙁

So me having the idea, supported by another friend called Marius, my friend Michael programmed the site. I wish back then we had thought ahead. But then I didn’t even have my own computer, didn’t even have an email I used regularly etc. etc. We were in the infancy of internet, if we had it at all to be honest. That was back then.

Still, I had early ambitions to be the business head of the venture whilst I had Michael to be our techie guy. A typical and usually well worth combination to have. But back then we were young, inexperienced and our parents wouldn’t have known or encouraged us to “open a business, calling it Facebook and roll profiles of people out across the world“.

I guess we could both now be rich, billionaires really. How good would that be? We cannot sue Mr. Zuckerberg though, assuming he never really looked at our site, or did he? If we can prove that he was on our site and maybe took some coding, would we have a case?

For now I let him off. But my next idea….I will make money with….of course I will….