What is fasting? Wikipedia and an alternative medicine site explains it in very good detail, also with all the religious background.
More interesting is the question I was asked at work “why do you fast”?
Sure, first of all it is time to lose some weight. But the likelihood of putting on more afterwards is there and therefore my main motivation is not to shed some pounds. Would be nice though.
I do not go months without food or drink but go for a 3 day fast. First day only water, 2nd day only fruit juices and water, 3rd day only vegetable juices and water. A friend recommended that to me.
“In natural medicine, fasting is seen as a way of cleansing the body of toxins, dead or diseased tissues, and giving the gastro-intestinal system a rest. Such fasts are either water-only, or consist of fruit and vegetable juices.”, Wikipedia
Hopefully that sums it up better than I could. It gives you rest, it takes up energy, it cleans your body and get rid of all the “crap” in your body.
You can achieve a detox also by changing your diet which I did already and will continue to do. However, fasting is also for the mind. It is about finding peace, de-clutter your life, rest and think about what you like to do and what you like to change. Reflection is a big part of fasting. And, if you did not have enough willpower then you couldn’t do it in the first place.
I am very proud of my partner who is fasting for the first time. She was very tempted to give up but together we manage. It is only 3 days and then we slowly get back to normal, a break-fast meal and possibly one glass of nice wine. And back to our healthy diet because otherwise it would not make sense to do it in the first place if you decided to eat “Schnitzel” and “Sausage” once you finished the fasting.
Have a peaceful and reflective bank holiday weekend!

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