fitness first – customer service second!

Fitness First seems to be one of the biggest fitness clubs in the UK.

However, their customer service is appalling. I try to be constructive with my critics:

I joined them in their Bloomsbury gym in March and went during lunch time. Since I got busier I could not go anymore and tried to go to the Beckenham club since. There I have to sign in every time I go and if I have any membership related questions they refer me to Bloomsbury.

So, on 14th of July (coming up 2 months) I filled in a form to transfer my membership at same conditions and be a member in Beckenham.

Since, I had  about 5 calls, voice mails etc, returned the calls and nothing has happened. NOTHING at all. Left notes at the reception desk too. Ergo, I called their customer service team in their head office yesterday and said “no one seems to be interested and if I do not hear from you I quit and go somewhere else”.

Guess, nothing has happened.
I think I might have to go to the Bloomsbury branch and quit my membership and start a new one in Beckenham. The assumption I make is that I need to pay extra to join the Beckenham gym. Would not surprise me.

When I refered someone to the club it took them 4 weeks (f-o-u-r) to actually sort out my referral voucher which I had to redeem the same day due to its validity. I was not impressed and complained about that – still waiting for an answer and excuse. And, the watch I got was not working properly – did not really want it but had to chose something!

Maybe big clubs can afford to lose members and can afford an arrogant attitude towards their members. There is no doubt their gym equipment is top notch and their trainers are well educated, but, with all enthusiasm, I cannot see anyone caring for their customers….

If you pick that up, Fitness First, let me know and feel free to comment.

Anyone else had bad experience with them? I knew why I took out a 3 months membership, I might just go back to the council gym for half the price but friendly people….you will see!

Btw, I like their comment about “Fitness First is always working hard to make sure you get the best benefits for your membership – inside and outside your club!”

Wow, they save you pounds but don’t have any offers? And, they are working hard for you to get the best benefits for your membership – WORK HARDER!