food and drink

I bought the first issue of Jamie Oliver the other day. Mainly because I thought it was a bargain, getting so many food recipe ideas for only a couple of quid. And, a year’s subscription only costs £30/year or something like that.

Cooking has become a hobby but I notice more and more that the more complex the dishes become, the less likely I am interested in cooking. Mainly because I am just not a person that likes attention to detail, the nitty gritty stuff. That is why I most probably fail in DIY, would never make a good cook, cannot be an artist and will not be able to ever sit down and do nothing. As far as I remember I always had “ants in my pants”.

Anyhow, I wanted to catch up on some food and drink stuff I read in Jamie’s magazine. Honestly, I was more interested in the Whisky section. Jamie wrote about a Whisky from Islay called “Sheep Dip” and another one called “Pig’s nose“. Weird names for a Whisky I thought. They even have a Facebook Group.

For £15 you can try both Whiskys from the Jamie Oliver Shop (no surprise here) or you try to get it at your local shop. I personally had never heard of it before but of course find the names so intriguing that I am curious to try them. The old marketing ploy 😉 Or, you could just order from their webiste for only £7.50 (nice margin Jamie) and add £7.50 postage to it.

Anyhow, once I tasted those two peculiar sounding whiskys, I will surely let you know. Have you tried them? Then please leave a comment and let me know!