Friday Morning – personal blurb

What to do on a Friday morning?

I am off for a wedding tonight, so cannot really go to the pub beforehand. So a few lines on the blog never hurt, do they?

After they hype of Google Chrome and more DIY last weekend, I would not say that I do not have anything to say, it is more about “what do I have to say that is relevant and interesting”? Blog often they say but…only blog if you have something to say.

Honestly, today I do not. I could slag off Irish budget airlines or tell you about the new project but….no, we need to launch a few more things before moving forward. The Internet became so fascinating, there is so much to do, learn and explore.

Most probably I sound like a child which must be quite normal. A child in a new world is like an adult in a new wwwORLD – if that makes sense.

I could blog about my new toy, a Sony Vaio I got at work.

This new toy is really nice. It replaces a fabulous HP which unfortunately was too heavy to be carried around all the time. Therefore, this new small machine is becoming like a PDA, e.g. I have it with me most of the time.

Full of anticipation I am looking forward to Sunday, when we finally get some kittens. Our first step to a family and we are both very much excited. So will have something to post then and something to talk about.

Anyhow. I am off now, so enjoy your weekend and speak to you in a bit!