Friday Night Pizza?

You all know that feeling. Friday night. Just home from work and you think – I can’t be bothered cooking, let’s get a take away.

For the past 4 years living in Beckenham, there is one pizza place I always recommend: Rocket Pizza!

The guys are amazing. Not only do they live down the road from us and the pizza is piping hot when it arrives, but also it is good value for money.

Jen’s favourite one is the BBQ Chicken without peppers whilst I prefer the Four Season if I do not create my own:

  • mushrooms
  • olives
  • artichokes
  • garlic (sometimes double garlic)
  • Ham
  • Tandoori chicken
  • double cheese

And yesterday, they added tuna to that. Aaargh, just does not mix right. I got a fresh new one delivered (free of charge of course) but would loved to speak to the cook. Mixing tuna with the above is just not right. As I said to my wife, they should have known me by now and asked whether I was sure to have tuna on there.

Never mind – I still rate them one of the best pizza take away/home delivery services in SE London.