German Engineering – or how to potty train a cat

Our cats are now almost 6 months. Gretel has been sterilized and therefore, they are outside quite a lot. However, they still have not been going outside to the loo.

It was definitely going to be too much, so on Saturday I decided to take the litter tray outside. When the cats went to their usual place in the house looking for the tray, we carried them outside. And, they both did their poo outside. Yippee!

Wow, what a progress.

Now, I was worried that it might rain. So I used my imagination and engineering skills (if you didn’t know, I have a mechanical engineering degree :-)) to build a poo tent.  My wife gave me some practical hints too. Maybe not quite a portaloo but surely something all other cats will envy our cats for, don’t you think. Let’s just hope the wind does not pick up.


German Engineering I guess, hehe.

Btw, have you seen the new matrix style Volkswagen Ad on TV?