Germany and the past…highly political

Germany’s former foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, wrote a book about his time as a minister. I read part of it this morning on the train and he spoke of the German debts due to the 2nd world war.

Surely that is a highly political topic but I was reminded about my post last night, saying that the past is not influencing your now. I suppose this can be very tricky in politics.

However, before someone misunderstands me, I think the past, particular the 2nd world war, should influence our acting as a German nation in the now. We must adopt the mistakes, learn from them and act better in the now. If I do say, and if I did not mistake Kolle, “do not act on the past in the now” it does not mean not to learn from it but in the now we should try to make decisions based on the current situation BUT bearing in mind the past of course. Again this seems more true with things like the German history.

As I am not a historian nor a politician I just wanted to make people aware not to take things for granted and say “forget your past and act now” – as you can see the example above, there is no way you can apply that to every situation.