Getting Things done

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Getting Things done is the title of a new book I started reading this week.

getting things done
getting things done

I have read many management books and many time management books. cb consulting offers time management seminars also. So there are really two reasons for me reading this book.

a) David Allen suggests that the old time management techniques like A/B/C prioritising and planning methods are a little out of date. Therefore for me offering trainings I like to offer the most valid way of an effective time management training.

b) as part of my “new life” I need to find a way to deal with hundreds of emails, unexpected work loads, processing information and Getting Things Done! So ultimately it offers me hands-on support in my daily job. Whilst job is defined as any kind of work you carry out, e.g. DIY, gardening etc. (definition by Allen).

I try to keep you up to speed whilst I read this book. Most interesting in the beginning is the theory of the pebble you throw into a pond. It will form some ripples but then it eases out and the pond is still again. That is how you should be able to deal with your work load in order to not stress.

I keep you posted.