Good intentions – living the life

I want to live, and of course who doesn’t? I have all good intention to prolong my life. I am conscious of my life and my body, my personal and spiritual development, and I am eager to see my kids grow up.

But, on the other hand I enjoy the odd cigar, I like my drink, and of course I enjoy the odd burger or fry up. Hence, whilst reading books about how to beat cancer by eating right, how to prevent diseases by eating correctly, and how to keep my energy household balanced in order to have a better, longer and healthier life, I thought I share my latest developments:

Sometimes we are living “a” life. Not the one based on our values, our intentions and our inner harmony. We just live and are too busy to notice that we just do that. We are good in ignoring the fact that we put on a few pounds, or that we stopped going to the gym.

From what we get in life we make a living. From what we give, we make a life. Through what I gain by giving to my children & family, and spending time with them, I get more out of life than sitting in the office. However, the latter is for me very enjoyable, and makes me a living.

One question someone asked the other day was, whether the life I am living is worth what I am giving up to have it. What does that mean? I believe that means, that if you are unhappy with your life, and you just do something, e.g. work, for the sake of doing it, you will never be happy. Only if the things you do are based on your values, and you enjoy doing them, you will strive, be successful and enjoy life. You will always have to compromise between a career and your family life, keep balancing both, or at least most of us do.

And on one of those notes, I decided guided on all those health and energy books, to change my diet once again. To lose weight. To drink less coffee. To smoke less cigars. For the sake of my children, for the sake of not losing out whilst being busy living the life that makes me a living.

The lasting change can only be achieved if I define the purpose (kids/health), face the truth (big gut/out of shape) and take action.

The latter lead to a food plan which I am trying to build into my routine.

Breakfast: remove Nutella and peanut butter and replace with protein shake, high fibre cereal/muesli.
Lunch: salad and tuna, couscous and brown bread, brown pita and humous
Diner: rye bread and spreading cheese (light), salads with tomatoes, feta, olive oil and cucumber, yogurts, odd bit of cheese
Snacks: assorted nuts, sunflower seats, apples, bananas, fruit

I hope that this diet and this change will result in some weight loss, a healthier balanced diet (of course there will be the odd indulgence and glass of wine), and a routine that sees me gaining higher energy levels.

Also, once the kids are in a more steady routine, I will go back to the gym, or do some form of exercise.

I have all the good intentions to make my life a life worth living. Enjoying every minute, enjoying my job/work, and giving time to (not only) my family but to life itself.

Have a good one,