Google Chrome browser download

Not sure if that is a good or bad idea.

I started the Internet over 10 years ago with Netscape which does not exist no more. Now, finally got used to Firefox which is an excellent browser, no trouble and lots of great add-ins, Microsoft launches their Internet Explorer 8. Wow, I remember using IE 5.5 or earlier I believe.

But, I don’t like IE and only use it for outlook web access as for Microsoft applications there is still an advantage using them. I got rid of Word, Excel, Outlook – instead using Google Docs and Open Office.

Now, today, Google will launch Google Chrome, e.g. Google offers a Google Chrome browser download.

First screen shots and descriptions can be find here. Even Matt Cutts recommends the following comic about Google Chrome.

My question is whether a Google browser will be all that good or just draws together the best of all browser. If so, why not? Only problem, we even share more information with Google and make them even more powerful. Much more than we ever shared information with Microsoft.

Let me know what you think. I need to try it πŸ™