Google – sustainable business!?

Reading an interesting article about Google, I came across the following line of “sustainable business” as I would call it:

“In five ways should workers and servants as the lower direction be respected by an employer: by allocating work according to aptitude, providing wages and food, looking after the sick, sharing special treats, and giving reasonable time off work.” – The Buddha

That is what I think is work in a respectful way all about:

– do not overload your employees with too much work
– give them the right pay
– care for them when they are sick
– if you get rewarded, share it amongst all
– have a good entitlement of holidays

Bearing all that in mind it is important to look after your employees. It starts with little everyday things to make people comfortable at work, not to shout at them, offering them help and be a true team player – latter one, although often praised in organisations, turns out to be a “I show the team that I am better than them” which has nothing to do with team playing.

So, can we use the Buddha teaching or any other religious teaching to create an organisation that functions better than any other by applying principles like the one above?