Google TV

5 years ago I said that IPTV won’t take off.
5 days ago I was annoyed that our bandwidth at home has problems showing an online movie we got from Lovefilm.

Google TV is coming to the UK in 2012. I am still not 100% sure what it means. According to the Guardian, it won’t be anything to be excited about.

For now I understand that Google TV, which recently bought Motorola in a million dollar deal that also included a set top box, only enables online to TV. I mean that you can consume internet via your TV and sooner or later we will see IPTV or VoD (video on demand).

The latter is what I am most interested about and fascinated by. When we use the internet to go online to watch TV instead of using our digi-box. We can choose what we want to watch at any time.

Coming from an RTB background, it will be really awesome to offer ads in real time to those VoD in order to get highly targeted advertising to your target audience. Happy days, and another few bucks for the big G.

I am excited after all….