It has been a few weeks since I joined Google+ or Google Plus. Do I like it?

Yes and No. I am a big advocate of Google and Google Clouds. I have used their Picasa web album for many years, and the document suite for quite a few years too. I had a Google profile, know how log on to it and find out which YouTube videos I watched 3 years ago at 2 am on a Saturday night, and generally speaking my life is manifested in gmail and Google Calendar.

Now, when I got the invite to Google+, and I still have invites if you like one, I logged on with my Google credentials. My profile picture was there, my Google profile became my “about me” page and all I needed to do is filling circles.

Personally, I like the idea of Google’s circles. Instead of compiling lists of different visibility on Facebook, I just drag and drop my friends into these friendly shapes. It makes is easier.

Things I haven’t figured out yet is why some people add me that I don’t know. Is that like following someone on Twitter? I follow people like Matt Cutts but would he put me into a circle? Probably not. So it combines my circle of friends with my followers on Twitter. A “one size fits all solution”?

Then I haven’t figured out yet how to sync it with Twitter to make my life easier. However, having Google+ on your Android helps you upload any picture from your mobile directly to Picasa. Invisible to everyone, and a good backup solution.

Overall it combines a lot of useful things. It gives me a platform for my Google online account. Now the only thing that is missing is the collaboration and instant messaging that Google Wave promised, but maybe that feature will come back on top of Google Talk and some VOIP service.

I wouldn’t be suprised. Then again, I haven’t really tried the “hangout” yet, so I am still exploring.