Sitting at home tonight I was thinking what would be my ideal life? How many of you have thought about that?

I did what I usually do, I looked up Wikipedia and found this. Also, Google Image Search gave me the picture to the left.

Did you notice that if you look for happiness (literally) then you do find “Sehnsucht” – a feeling that is described by longing for something.

Drugs were used to create the same feeling -advertisement for alcohol and cigarettes were playing with those feelings. Are we all longing for happiness?

Also I found the World Database of Happiness, describing happiness as: Happiness is defined as ‘the degree to which an individual judges the overall quality of her/his life as-a-whole favorably’. In other words: how much s/he likes the life he leads.

I did not know that so many people talk about happiness and find definitions of it. How do I define happiness, how do you define happiness?

What about “We are happy when for everything inside us there is a corresponding something outside us“, William Butler Yeats. When all outside forces have an inside force and the system is in a neutral situation. Something that reminds me of my physics and technical mechanic classes. Everytime a force is moving something downwards there is a force working against it in the opposite direction to get the equilibrium. So, does that mean equilibrium is happiness?

How do we achieve happiness? Can we achieve happiness by living a religious life? A Buddihst life maybe? Latter one is the most common life-style associated with happiness but does that mean that other religions do not offer happiness? Why buddism? Does Buddism offer the equilibrium we are looking for? Does Buddism openly discuss the idea of accepting and working with the forces in the world. Seeing a force or energy flow towards you as a challenge and something you can absorp in order to work against it. Would you then become the opposite force, part of the system which is in equilibrium, and as part of that system how can you be happy carrying a force in you?

Lets use an example: if X critizises Y all the time then there is force of X working towards Y.

X -> Y; so Y now could use some force against X by swearing for instance, resulting in the following system: X -> (Y<-) – is that the mathematical equation of happiness that if you keep any opposing force inside yourself and do not take it to the outside, then you are happy and in equilibrium, whilst X would not be happy?

I would like some comments on that – can spiritual development be so easy?

Mit einem astralen Handschlag verbleibe ich…. which according to Google-Translation says
With a astralen hand impact I remain ….