Happy New Year Column – 2011

Another year. More goals. More reviews and more expectations. WTF – why not just carry on as it is?

A year ago I wrote:

“… I imagine sitting here in 12 months time, reflecting on 2010. Wouldn’t it be nice to say that I successfully launched a new company in the UK market, that my wife gave birth to a second child, that all of my family is healthy and that I managed to work on my personal development, also had time to give something back by supporting a charity. Maybe these are modest goals, but that is all I wish for.”

Now, here I am. 12 months on. I successfully launched a new company in the UK market, my wife is about to give birth, everyone is well, but I was short of one thing last year: T-I-M-E. And, I don’t think it is going to change in 2011.

Of course, 2011, I want to do more sports. I know I have to incorporate exercise in my daily routine, lose weight, get fit, get rid of my back pain and get fit again. Not only for me but also for the kids.

I have to stop overeating, stop smoking cigars and stop drinking alcohol altogether. The hang over this morning was the worst this year, so I might as well stop for the next 12 months. I instead will meditate every night, practise Tai Chi, and be a good boy.

Dear all, you know me. If I want to do something, I will. And I will make it independent from a day in the diary. Of course, the main priority for 2011 is to have another healthy child, a good birth for mother and child and find a new routine with 2 kids. That is the Q1 forecast for me.

Q2 should see the growth of the boys, and hopefully a new routine for daddy to actually start doing some exercise again. Not because he wants to lose weight but because his body is aching. And that needs to stop.

From Q3 we should see an increase in travel and visits to and of friends, including weddings and later early Q4 a Reinhard Mey concert in Germany. The year is expected to phase out with a strong discussion about our future, place to live and opportunities for work and live. Where will we build this house where we settle, or will we ever….

December 2011. I will be sitting here, calling it the “New Year Column – 2012”, talk about sports (like the Queen did in her Christmas speech) and think about the Olympics coming to London. I will be dreading the thought of tripling the amount of people in the uberfull underground. Hence goals in Q4 🙂

Is life that simple? In between I have my stepping stones. Playing more with the kids, spending more time with the family, seeing more friends, giving Jenny more time to herself, travelling with work, earning more money, paying off more of the mortgage, not getting sick, being a good dad, being a good manager, being a good coach…….

And most days, I will just live. Just eat, drink and sh* as normal. To be honest, I don’t have any goals for 2011. But I wish it will be a good year. I wish your dreams come true and you are having a good time. You achieve a lot, being able to give a lot and spend a lot of time with your family. Because that is important. I remind myself daily of it. And will continue to do so in 2011.

I just want to continue to be happy and healthy. And, I would like to find more inner peace.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!