Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all readers.

Let’s start this year’s blogging with last year’s “final supper” 🙂

I treated my wife and myself to a nice French restaurant trip, Chez Bruce. A nice little place just off Wandsworth Common Train station. We only got to know it as we have been to its sister restaurant La Trompette a couple of times. The latter serves amazing food in a very posh atmosphere.

Chez Bruce is similar. The atmosphere, maybe because it was NYE, was not as posh but quite relaxed. My wife was sure that the person on the next table was an actor from a soap opera, however I was astonished by really really good food and drink.

Since Jenny did not drink, I tried Canadian but Bordeaux style red wine and a Shiraz Viognier from Australia. Both wines were excellent.

Starters were Artichoke soup for Jenny and Salmon parcel for myself. Followed by goats cheese mousse and white sausage (German style Weisswurst).

The 3rd course was sea bass for me which was excellent, whilst my wife prefered the beef which was absolutely astonishingly in taste, and since she could not eat so much, I finished it off. Awesome!

We finished with a chocolate tart and a fruit cocktail respectively.

You find a sample menu here.

From the Glasshouse Partnership there is still The Glasshouse restaurant we have not visited. I guess we work towards that after Jenny had the baby. So she can eat her loved foie gras.

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy your food and wine!