His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Daily Wisdom

It is not too long ago, I was writing about me reading the Dalai Lama and the Path to Tranquility. A book you can purchase at Amazon.

For the 21st of September it says:
Western brains work, they work a great deal, but always in the direction of efficiency. In that way the mind puts itself at the service of the result. Like all servants, it renounces its independence. I am talking about another form of spiritual life, more detached and deeper, free form the obsession of a goal to be reached. In a way, the universal invasion of technology, everywhere it goes, lessen the life of the mind.

I like that thought. We are always trying to achieve more: more money, more status, more respect. We seem to always want to achieve more in less time and better quality. Hence, so the Dalai Lama, we become servants.

By abandon this life, we are becoming free, and we can reach a life that is less obsessive. And, we can focus on our spiritual development.

It is however a challenge to balance life in that way. Our western lifestyle is asking us to be productive, efficient and delivering more and more in less and less time. On the other hand, we are trying to improve our personal development, spiritual freedom and self awareness. We are stuck in the middle of where we are, should be and where we want to go.

Coaching is a way of giving you perspective, a third opinion and many inputs. It cannot do any harm but gives you the opportunity to stop in your tracks, take a holistic view of what is happening and move in the direction you want to go to, rather than away from where you don’t want to go.

Have a great day!