How am I doing? How are you doing?

What a nice week lays behind me. Non stressful I have to say but very productive.

Now, having had a massage today, shopping, anticipation of more nice wine tonight, I wonder, “how am I doing”. The recession is there (or almost), the continuous growth for almost two decades has stopped (Keynes could have told you that) and now…what is on the horizon?

People and companies spend less money on marketing and if they do, they spend it on online marketing as it is measurable. So my industry should do “ok”. Am I ok? I think so. Not only am I not too worried about the recession in our industry, then again we notice the outcome too, but also I am not yet too worried about the mortgage and the family. That might change of course.

People say in a recession you sometimes find the spending goes up. People try to buy themselves out of the recession, buy extravagant things to feel as if they can still do it. That they are noticed and show off that the recession is not hitting them as hard. Not sure if I would. But, I cannot say I am spending less. Maybe, I am going out less often but I have not been a big fan of going out anyway. Maybe I cut back on my gym membership and maybe we are all out of the recession before we all know it. Time flies, you remember? And, after every recession, we hope and the past says, there should be prosperity. Interesting FAQs here.

But that is just about me. Selfish me? No, because I am interested in how you are doing too. How my friends are doing and how they cope. Will the financial sector and my friends working in it be ok? I think so. Not only because I believe in my friends but also because I believe in the financial sector. All those people saying it is their fault. That is capitalism for you. Would you prefer a communist system – I don’t think so.

Greed – is greed part of our culture. For some. Maybe even for me. But money is not the answer to everything, is it? For some it might be but sooner or later they find out it is not. Surely, money can make ones life easier, possibly more enjoyable, more lavish. However, will it make you happy – no.

So, sitting here today, looking outside and enjoy the almost winter-ish atmosphere, I am happy. Very happy.

I am not doing badly, maybe could do better. But, I could do a lot worse. I appreciate what I have, what I own and what love I get from my family and friends. And, I am happy to share the love.

Now, before I finish there are two requests:

1. please do not count the amounts of “maybe(s)” used.
2. let me know how you are doing.