How many web services do you need?

My friend Don K posted an article on Facebook and I would like to share this article with you.

It is about how many web services one person can use?

I agree. Looking at myself:

  1. at least 2 email addresses I check privately
  2. 1 email at work
  3. Facebook
  4. Linkedin
  5. Xing
  6. Balamadana
  7. Search Food
  8. Volker’s blurb
  9. Plaxo

And, if that was not enough, what about things like twitter or flickr. Should I or shouldn’t I? Do RSS Feed count? If so, add another 10 I read regularly and at least 10 on top occasionally. No wonder people complain about information overload. I of course forgot my personal homepage, too.

Then, the question is, do homepages count as web services? Somewhat I think yes, because you would want to update it as it is a personal profile on the web, isn’t it?

Be selective, I guess, is the way forward. Keep it simple. Focus on what you really need instead of trying to get as much information as possible.

As an example. The other day I registered for ALL newsletters from an US online magazine, Media Post. Then I got 20 emails a day and now cut it down to the 3 most important newsletters. You have to be very selective – by the way, good newsletters they are.

Let me know your views! Leave a comment.