Inspirational Thought: Listen to your gut

Outside advice can only tell us how a decision looks. Only we can know how it feels. The best decisions look and feel right.

A nice one to start with in the new year.

I remember when I bought my first laptop after leaving uni. I called my friends, family and read loads of reviews before still not being able to make any decisions. I tried to tick all boxes, evaluate every point, specification etc. to make the best decision ever.

A few years later I bought a TV. I went into the shop and asked my wife whether she wanted one or the other. She said she wanted the one with the red glass bar on the bottom. So we ended up buying that one and found out later that it was the best in market.

How often do you try to evaluate every point before making a decision?
I don’t anymore. I am going more often with my gut than not. I go with what feels right and decide against things that feel wrong.

Am I wrong often? No. Sometimes. But that is fair enough. I don’t believe you will always be able to make good decisions. But as long as you learn from the bad ones you are going to be ok.

With lots of tummy love,