Inspirational Thought: Past vs. Future

Time spent fixing the past takes time away from building the future.

I often spoke about the “Here and Now”. About not living in the past and drill on things that you cannot change anymore.

A few years ago I got rid of this rucksack I call the past. I rid myself of a burden and package I was carrying to focus more on what is happening in my life. I did that by writing a book. Today I write a blog doing it I suppose. It helped me a lot to close my past, catch up with what I was doing up to now, and then making the conscious decision to look forward.

That is when I started getting more involved in personal development. Training yourself, working on yourself to constantly improve yourself. Reaching for the stars.

I stopped trying to fix the past but instead took all learning from it, closed it, coped with it, and ended the chapter. From here I started spending my time living in the here and now to build my future. As everyone is their own master of destiny it is up to you to decide when you want to make the cut, get on with life and focus on what is necessary.

This doesn’t have to be the CEO career but your decision on what you would like to do. Work for the UN, found your own charity, run a marathon or just building a nice business.

Cut yourself loose and get on living.

Have a great future,