Inspirational Thought: Progress & Decisions

You cannot make progress without making decisions. ~ Jim Rohn

Whether as a manager or employee or CEO one has to make decisions. Even as a private person. From my point of view there isn’t a point of mulling too many decisions over. One needs to get on with it.

Some decisions, no matter how many information you collect, won’t become easier. You might as well make the decision now and get on with it. Let’s base it on your best knowledge and experience and go for it. You will the the progress happening.

I am sure if you made a decision based on the best of your abilities, then no one will rip off your head if things go wrong. Depends on the scale of course 🙂

Some decisions just don’t get better over time.

Get on with it, grab the bull by its horns and make your day. And maybe someone else’s.

Have a good one, lead by example!