Inspirational Thought: Value

Just because it’s better, doesn’t mean it has value. Value comes from improving people’s lives, not impressing them with your technology.

This quote above has been in my draft folder for some time. I work for a technology company. However, impressing with technology is one thing, adding value through technology another.
This quote could have been part of a sales training. In sales you might have an outstanding technology but you cannot sell it unless it adds value, satisfies a need for your customer or is unique and necessary.

Maybe it is looking at the rat race in telecoms. In smart phones. In technologies for marketing. Cars even.

I remember someone saying to me to always buy the latest car or TV as you get the most up to date technology. Yes, you road test for the companies, but you don’t want something that is a year old? But maybe things that are a year old will be proven as “working” and you can rely more on them.

Whether a smart phone has the latest processor, a bigger screen or a better technology probably doesn’t matter. Unless all those features add a lot of value in order to improve our lives.

Think about it.

Have a great day,