Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs – work life balance

Some Friday reading I picked up:

MT article on Intrapreneurs, very interesting! And, same publication, one about entrepreneurs and work life balance.

Very interesting stuff. Does that  mean I am better off and healthier if I work as an intrapreneur?

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3 thoughts on “Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs – work life balance

  1. Here’s another thought: get rid of the idea of “work life balance” and simply manage your time as one. No trade offs, no balancing, just managing your time according to your own priorities. Read “Getting Things Done” for more – works wonders.

  2. Hello big brother!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    The idea of life-life balance is not that new of course. From my opinion it depends on the individual and her/his approach to life/work.

    Not sure what you mean by reading GTD for more – yes, if you look beyond the techniques and, as David Allen says, the theories can not only be applied to work but also to life.

    The philosophical question whether to call it work life or life life balance is a different one. Something I have been writing about over at on my blog about Buddhism.

    Have a look here:

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Volker (big V, small brother :-))

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