IScribe? Online Organiser

All eager to put a new system in place for organising my life, I did a couple of things this weekend.

The influence of the seminar? Most certainly so!

I ordered a new diary for 2009 which allows me to have my weekly overview and plenty of notes on the other side. For less than £10 money worth spent! It should enable me to mind sweep any one time and transfer those notes directly into tasks whenever I am in my todo list.

The latter made me think. I am at work with Outlook, I am at home with my paper organiser and I do not want to log into my work emails all the time to add a personal appointment. There are a few things I could do.

However, I found something called IScribe that seems to solve the problem. An online/offline organiser that allows me to have todo lists, calendars and edit it whilst offline and then synchronises it when I am online. So I can have it at work, at home, on the plane – anywhere. And, it seems to sync with digital and non-digital organisers. Neat!

I now hope they soon take on more beta testers 🙂 I registered anyway.

Let me know your experience with online organisers! I also use Plaxo which is a neat tool to sync your outlook and backup your contacts and tasks etc. However, you cannot use it offline, which I guess you don’t need to if you have your outlook installed. The premium version for less than £30 offers you even greater freedom.

I keep you updated, once I get IScribe, I think that will be the solution for all my problems 🙂 Will it though, lol.

Have a great Sunday.