Jazz, Cigars and a nice Steak


I was confident I have mentioned the Boisdale before in my restaurant reviews for London. But could not find it. So here we go, we have been for the 3rd time last weekend:

The Boisdale in Belgravia, established as a cigar and food place – and drinks of course – still has a terrace where you can smoke fine cigars.

I guess the “gentleman’s club” atmosphere combined with Jazz, an extensive and expensive selection of whiskys from around the world plus a fine selection of cigars make this place just special.

And, if you have a look at their food menu, this Scottish Cuisine restaurant serves an amazing selection of good food, nice fish and my favourite: plain steak!

So there is not much more to say. Amazing, highly recommended restaurant. If you go for steak and a nice bottle of wine, e.g. the Tannat grape from Uruguay, then make sure you take enough money. For the food itself it is not a bargain place but the atmosphere really does pay off!