Just another day

I am about to arrive back to London. That is where my train left 11.30 hours ago. What a day.

It is amazing what is possible these days. I went on a day trip to our HQ in York. Got 2 hours work done before the official office hours thanks to National Express’ WiFi connection on the train. Then a successful day full of meetings, and my daily emails done on the way back.

Years ago we did not use mobile phones and nowadays we complain if we cannot access the internet whilst on the road.

I started updating the cb consulting website and hopefully it will go life the end of the month. Together with a re-vamp of the blog, writing more about my personal life but always in connection to cb consulting.

The biggest news in the industry is the possible merger of MSN and Yahoo! – will it happen? Will it be good for the industry? Is Google bidding more for Yahoo! to avoid MSN taking a “bit of the cake” or trying to rule the internet like it does with the operating system Windows?

We shall see and hope that in the meantime more and more people are using the internet and want to be found. Since working for an Search Engine Marketing Agency, the internet got even more fascinating. Everyone is looking for everything. And Google has so many ways of watching out who ranks first and why….

But that is a different story. On a different day.

Back to London soon.