Lakeland Kitchen Shop

Yes, call me an shop-aholic. I love shopping if I am in the right mood, and there are a few shops I love going to.

One of them is Lakeland. You ever been there. It is awesome. They have all the kitchen gadgets and useful stuff you need. At the weekend I bought some microwaveable dishes. Cool!

Other shops I always need to go into are Tchibo but they are closing down in the UK (that is what I heard anyway). Shame. Going to their website they now have a European domain “.eu” rather than Not very search engine friendly but if they really withdraw their shops from the high streets, then fair enough I guess.

So these are my shop secrets. Lakeland is still my favourite. I love kitchen gadgets and love cooking. Although, tonight I rather go for some noodles, cannot be bothered cooking really. Sunday I suppose.

Oh, and before I forget. Lidl is another shop I used to like. Working against a lower profit margin than most UK supermarkets, they are opening shops everywhere at the moment. And, I used to love their weekly offers which you buy because you think that one day they could be useful. But, you never really use them. I actually stopped their newsletter now – maybe I am getting too posh for them πŸ™‚ Still love their ham though.