Lent and giving it up!

What is Lent I keep asking myself.

Being brought up with a Christian background and using the web, we are talking about 40 days without Sundays before Easter, e.g. 25th of February until 11th of April.

What do people do? They give up food or something they like or what they crave for. Remembering Jesus in the desert where he didn’t have much to eat or drink for 40 days.

Now, I am not Christian but like the thought of giving something up. I am a Buddhist and I cannot give up helping others. But there are a few things I absolutely love.

My wife 🙂 Just kidding, I would not give her up for anything in the world.

So, suggestions are:

a) Alcohol – which I think is easiest. But I could drink Sundays, no?
b) Coffee – again very easy I think but a challenge
c) Chocolate – that is what I crave for most, ergo would be the biggest challenge.

What do you think I should give up?