Life update

On Monday over 25 people looked at my blog. Not a lot compared to most blogs, but this one is personal! Makes it almost 500 a month. Aim, one day, is to have over 5,000 a day so I can sell advertisement. Still trying to convince my wife to write a blog about cooking on which I can sell advertising.

Anyhow. Long week this was. Monday I was off and spent most of the day in the garage. See below. Tuesday a close relative passed away and we had a mayor pitch at work.

Things happen as they happen and you cannot do anything about it. When I got out of the office yesterday around 7 pm, I needed a drink. So I had a few and watched TV for the first time in 4 weeks. Yes, it has been 4 weeks since we moved into our little place. And, we are doing well. All boxes unpacked, most furniture there and we slowly start putting decorations up too.

Regarding TV – it is and stays in the spare bedroom for now. So we are not tempted. Kind of a treat to watch TV but then again we found that most of the stuff that was on has been on before. Same old story but it takes your brain off, from thinking and moaning.

Moaning. I moaned a lot this week. Right or not, some things in my life need changing. They will but it takes time and patience. Patience is something I learn more and more. If I compare myself to April 2006 I am more understanding, more patient and much more relaxed. Although I am still stressed and emotionally distressed. Wonder if that will change. Nothing to worry about though!

I still believe if you going from one side of the river to the other (that is me talking in pictures!), and you start in a calm water and half way across the river you notice that the current gets stronger and you might have to balance more to not fall into the river, that you should continue walking.
There is an easy way out, there always will be, to step on the next boat or to swim down the river and feel better. Maybe even feel free. But, if you always avoid the “high tides” you will never end up seeing the other side of the river. So I keep walking and apologies if I am a little moody  on the way 🙂

crossing a river
crossing a river

Overall: life is good. I should and I do not want to complain. I am happy and that is very important for me. And, today we do what I would call a “final shopping” for the house. Then, from the next few weeks onwards, we only have a few things to sort out and the garden of course. Latter will be lots of work. But we will enjoy it. Settling in at last!
Have a good weekend!