Living in a new world – Days at home (1)

Hello world,

Since this morning, my two boys Colin and Rohan, are working with me from home. This is, as you all would have guessed, due to the Corona Virus or Corvid 19. So far we don’t have any symptoms, so we are all well hopefully, and my wife is at work. As she is a nurse, she can help people in these challenging times, so it is good that we can help them by staying at home.

Now, whilst the boys have been given homework, and I am still working as a contractor until mid April for now, but also work on my own stuff, these are challenging times to juggle the workload and schedules. However, day 1 went well, and we thought we start a diary. We guess the biggest challenge for everyone out there is that we don’t know how long this is going to last.

Home Office

Today we managed to do all of our home work, including Maths, English, Computing, Reading, SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar), Art and we had fun too. Next steps are PE, e.g. we need to get out of the house to exercise and get some fresh air. We can always catch up on anything we need to finish later on. That’s mainly true for daddy 😉

And the idea is that every day, at the end of the school day, we will write a short summary, record a video or share something that explains how we feel and what it is like to live a different life to what we are used to. Also, as time goes on, we update you on how things will change. Will we go into lockdown? Quarantine? Isolation? Whatever term it is going to be, and whatever life has in stock, we will persist and get through that. We are all in it together.

So this was day one, and daddy would like to share a video that was sent to him today. It might not appeal to the wider audience, but it reminds me very much of my home. When I was younger, and sick, and had to stay at home. I would listen to some German music by Reinhard Mey. He shared this video today, and for any German speakers I thought it might be nice to listen to him.

Stay safe out there, and you hear back from us again tomorrow!