Living in a new world – Days at home (10)

Day 10. Wow, time flies. We are good.
Another shopping trip last night got us some supplies, but also for our neighbours. We try to help where we can.
Today was a slow day. The sun had gone, things are slowing down it seems. That is true for work but also for school.

Whilst I still kept busy as usual, I don’t think I ever gonna be bored, the boys seem to think it’s Easter Holidays already. Fair play to them, and I guess we don’t want to be too harsh, do we?
Next week my wife is going back to do some extra shifts that are needed. Being a key worker and on the front line, it is good that she can do that whilst I watch the kids. I got a lovely text from a friend today acknowledging her and other front line staffs’ work.

I also got another podcast live. That was recorded just the other week, trying to get an understanding of the supply chain during the Corona pandemic.

With the wife being at home today, and her helping with the kids, I got a lot done.

There hasn’t been an update on the kids today really. Maybe that I found out, a bit late, that they were tricked into sitting their SAT exams after all. But that was yesterday, 1st of April.

We are keeping well, we are keeping sane.

I shall continue with these updates next week as I know how many of you enjoy following them. More pictures, more updates. Sharing the love.

Stay safe, wherever you are.