Living in a new world – Days at home (14)

Officially we are on Easter break. That means juggling work and …. childcare.
Jen is working more in the hospital. She has a job that is in demand: nurses. I am proud of the work she is doing.

She is also raising money for the NHS – she is cutting her hair. She is a very brave woman!

Support my wife to support the NHS.

I am very proud of her doing the job she is doing, particularly at this period in our history. The least I can do, particularly with no work, is entertain the kids. This weekend we went on a nice walk, even got a bit of sun. Social distancing, and BBQ planned for next weekend. Life isn’t too bad, just a bit limited, but that’s ok if we can save some lives.

There weren’t many other news today. I am ploughing away with things, the boys are good and entertained.

How are you doing?

Below some pictures from yesterday.