Living in a new world – Days at home (16)

Today I started off with some work for my contract.
It actually has been a busy day so far.

Not only did I attend a few calls, I also delivered week 2 of a mindfulness course for a legal company. It is great to get positive feedback and being able to make a difference. Thank you for the opportunity.

Whilst still in full swing today, catching up on numerous things, I wanted to share the webinar on mindfulness I gave for Hoxby the other day. I am so glad to share the love with anyone who is keen on understanding more about mindfulness.

My wife raised close to £1,000 for cutting off her hair, and I am very proud of a) for her serving the NHS and medical sector and b) for her bravery to cut her hair. I am the opposite and want to use the isolation to grow mine. We shall see. Hopefully it is over soon.

That’s it again for today, it feels like a diary, and I miss my office mates. But the boys are happy, mummy is off this week, so great to spend some time with her.