Living in a new world – Days at home (3)

The day started with a 7 min workout instead of the 30 minutes on YouTube.

I published an article on what life might look like post Covid19. What do you think? Do you think about it often?

Due to popular demand, I wanted to share Colin’s wartime motivational poster 😉 A carrot. Why not I suppose. But what do you think?

Food is a weapon

And here is a picture watching a live stream from the Liverpool museum. That was fun and I find it great how different people and institutions go out of their way to support education these days. Fantastic!

Liverpool Museum Tour Online

Things are good here, and we are due to play some football once daddy is finished with his work. Rohan still needs to do drumming to keep up with the progress there. It feels like learning and working never stops.

Hump day…..we are halfway through week 1.