Living in a new world – Days at home (4)

This day was easier, for daddy anyway. Mummy was at home and took over most of the homeschooling, so daddy could get on with some work. That worked well actually.

With Rohan working off the iPad, we trying to circumvent some compatibility issues but think we are getting there. The exercise was fitted in today and we are getting more into a routine. Mummy and the boys went for a long walk. Daddy did some essential shopping.

It seems a bit like ‘normality’ sets in. The new normal, yet some tears of exhaustion and being fed up. We venture through. I am excited to have set up a video call for Rohan’s class tomorrow, that will be fun!

Rohan is working on a map from the USA, identifying states like Kansas. It takes me back 35+ years when I lived there as an exchange student. Time flies. Their motto: Ad astra per aspera – to the stars through difficulties. What a nice motto, valid more today than ever.

KS flag

Stay safe.