Living in a new world – Days at home (5)

Oh what a week. Now even the Prime Minister has Corona Virus. We wish him all the best.

It looks like the tasks for school are getting less, maybe because it is Friday.

Luckily I could help a bit more today, as I was at home and working on my own projects. Another promotional video done, some work on mindfulness, and preparation for a new client next week. Never stop. Never give in or up. Challenges are there to be overcome.

Best thing of the week or the day really was: setting up a Zoom call with Rohan’s class. They haven’t seen each other for over a week, and they loved chatting, laughing and giggling. It was so much fun to watch. Using technology to get them back together.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a picture (GDPR etc.) but it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was so great.

Now we are off for the weekend.

We update you again on Monday, day 7, unless anything happens over the weekend.

Stay safe!