Living in a new world – Days at home (8)

A busy day for daddy but positive progress. That’s always nice.

It might just be my impression, but the boys have little work todo. Or they don’t do it properly and I need to get engaged more. But to do that, I need more time. Again, luckily, the wife was around to sort them today but tomorrow it’s my turn again. And she did a fantastic job with the arty craft work, as of above. Something I am not so good with.

I am better with science, so doing the rain experiment, and condensation / water flow, was more my thing 🙂 Actually we are having fun.

Also, I managed a few more calls and check ins and it was good to see people rather than just talking to them. Everyone switching to video calls. Then I ordered some tea as I need to change my habits of drinks. Alcohol cannot be a goto, no matter how easy it would be, but also too much coffee isn’t great. So today I got my Turkish tea, yesterday my coffee, and next week I should get some hobby items for the beetle.

As you can see/read, we keep ourselves busy. Life is actually pretty good. And as someone said on Facebook, when we get back to normal, we need to define what normal looks like.

What I miss at the moment?

Honestly, the odd commute, some me time, some quiet time and the banter in the office, the chat with the people in the pub. Other than that, we are pretty good.

Stay safe!