Living in a new world – Days at home (9)

Today I launched a new client for mindfulness via Zoom. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive already and I am very pleased to help. These are difficult times, and a bit of meditation will help anyone IMO.

Also, a good friend pointed out that I don’t consistently write as Volker but a bit like Colin and Rohan. The original idea of these posts was for the boys to share their experience, but it got a bit mingled up. As another friend of mine pointed out, it’s great to have family time. So today I enjoyed a long walk over lunch with the boys. The country side where we live is just stunning and no Corona in sight. That’s I suppose the biggest problem, you cannot see the damn thing. Hence stay safe and be well, look after your loved ones and limit any socialising. Colin asked me on the walk, why we don’t all get it and go back to school. When I explained about the amount of people that would die because of us not caring, as we are likely to have a mild form, he got it. Seeing that the US might loose more people than they did in the Vietnam War is scary.

Enough said. Stay home. Stay safe.

So below are some impressions from our walk, and when I asked the boys what I should write they said…”Colin got bird poo on him” – there we go, highlight of the day. Good luck it is, they say. So be it. Fingers crossed.