A new Twitter application caught my eye: LocaFollow.

Not only does it recognise my loacation as London, it also allows me to search for people near by. Now, I automatically get suggestions of the most followed people in London. That is nice.

London Tweets

But, I can also search for different cities, e.g. New York, Munich etc, depending on what I am interested in. Additionally, I can choose a profession, e.g. CEO, Marketeer and so on. Even found a taxi driver from Beckenham, you never know if I know him, lol.

Definitely a nice little tool to look at. I found some people in digital marketing in London that don’t really have much to say but come up on top of my search. The results don’t seem to be filtered well, e.g. the engine seems to crawl the description of the person and then displays the results in a not clear structured order. At least not obvious to me.