London Borough Market / London recommendations


I need to update you on the latest developments.

Friday night we had a great Thai Style BBQ with good friends. Carrying on until late at night we had lovely Chicken Satay and Fish (Sea Bass and Trout) nicely flavoured with Thai spices. Afterwards we enjoyed some nice Highland Single Malts.

Our whole weekend was under the theme – and still is – of “living with nice food” so we took off to London Borough Market. They have their own website too. My brother used to live in London and pointed me to the market for the white aspargus. One of the few places in London/Britain you can buy white asparagus. Quite dear but worthwhile. It happens quite a lot that you actually sit in the tube and someone comes up to you, seeing the white asparagus through the clear poly bag, and says “Hallo, na, auch wegen dem weissen Spargel auf dem London Borough Market gewesen.” – Yes, typically German (translates into “you have been to London Borough Market for the white asparagus too”). There is where you meet Germans!

Yesterday we went to LBM and got some olives, nice focaccia bread, some spread for it, nice cheese, some prawns and sat down last night to eat that with a nice bottle of Kendall Jackson VINTNERS RESERVE Zinfandel. An evening could not be much better, finishing it off with some Balblair Highland Single Malt we got at the Whisky Exchange at the London Borough Market. It is one of the few if not the only shop where people sell a lot of whiskies and have the knowledge to advise you. And, it is much easier adding to your collection than flying up North. The last few times we were up in Scotland the distillieries we wanted to visit were shut.

To finalise my weekend and my London recommendation. We went for lunch to a restaurant we have not been for a while. I thought it was Maroccan but actually it is a Turkish restaurant. Again, more of a tourist trap but close to the South Bank it is a nice place to have some meze and nice oriental food. Walking down the River and then across to Westminster is a treat. Still, as mentioned before, it makes me love London so much! I by now can imagine living in our wee house for a good whiley and enjoying and discovering London more and more.

Oups, my wife just made me breakfast. nice Orkney cheese, so I better go. I added a map so you can see how we walked….a worthwhile walk in London. Unfortunately it is not as accurate as I was hoping. But maybe it gives you an idea.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!