Merry Peaceful Time

Dear Readers,

I will take a few days off from writing, thinking, working and wanted to wish you all a very peaceful time.

Nowadays one needs to think whether “Christmas” is allowed to be called Christmas or Festive Season, Season for Retreat, Peaceful Time – depending on the country and religion I suppose.

I spoke to a close friend this week who is Hindu and I said, so can I wish you a Merry Christmas? Of course, Volker, he said, you can. We even went to (a Christian) church last year to get a feeling what it is like.

Personally, I like that because if I was living in a foreign country where the main religion is “non-Christian” and they celebrated a special feast, I would give it a go too. To get a feel for what it is like for others.

So what do I wish you?

  • I wish you all happy days with your family and friends.
  • I wish you all a peaceful, stress free time
  • I wish you all the goodies – presents and food – you hope for
  • I wish you time to reflect and recharge your batteries
  • I wish you well and,
  • I wish you love!

Have a Merry Happy Peaceful Festive Time ,-)


an interfaith bird