Mike Farrell

I just finished reading Mike Farrell’s Book “Just call me Mike” – I am amazed and thought before I drop Mike an email and tell him how much I like his book and his attitude it might be good to write a few lines here. He might read it (if you do, please leave a comment).

To be honest, the reason I bought this book was because Mike played BJ in M*A*S*H, a TV series I absolutely love. What I did not know is that he is a human rights activist, passionate ambassador for a better life on this planet and a dedicated husband and father. He wrote endless journals and publishes them on his website.

I had to stop me from crying while reading his book full of passion and love for others more than once. He amazes me and shows me how little I have done so far to improve the life of others, how selfish I have been compared to him.

He did not stop me from being inspired, amazed and motivated to start helping others who are less fortunate than me. Creating a positive impact on this planet, for others. Thank you.

Mike, you are great!