Monday Morning Thoughts

What a weekend. First ever my wife knew in advance that she was not working. So we both enjoyed a good bottle of vino on Friday, another really good one on Saturday and good food all weekend. Really relaxing weekend. I went to the gym too!

However, thanks to our noisy neighbours downstairs who were supposed to (be) move(d) out this month, we did not get as much rest as we were hoping for. I left at 5.45 this morning and sit on a train to York, HQ of the company I work for.

So I am now sitting on the train. I did finish a part of my essay last night and realized that it is alsmost an essay itself. With close to 2,000 words I might just publish it on its own. I keep you posted.

On Saturday we found out that the chain for our house is complete – ergo we might be moving as early as June. That is much quicker than we had ever imagined. We try not to get over excited but also we try to make plans on furniture. Disagreements, however, overall Jenny and I have similar tastes.

Latter is a good practise of patience. Something I desperately need and want to learn. In a Buddhist / spiritual sense as well as  in a work sense. Often I have this feeling that things need to be complete before I actually started them. Since this is not possible, I am learning to more categorize and prioritise things. That way I am practising patience too.

Have a good week.