Money Money Money

The dream of money – for millions that were hoping to win the lottery last night it only was a dream.

A shame, isn’t it? Did you ever try to imagine to put yourself in the situation of having unlimited money. Would it not be stressful to decide who to give some money to? You of course could not give it all away. Would you give up your job? Would you tell your friends? Buy nice cars?

The book I am reading suggests, that money is only something that we are longing for but it would never make us complete. Total completeness is coming from within, not from the outside. Money just makes it easier to pay for the craving, e.g. the new shoes, the new TV and all those short term “happiness” moments. But we would not be really happy with 18 million in our bank account – or at least that would not be the only reason why we would be happy.

Have a great (sunny!) Sunday.

Volker Ballueder