Motivation par excellence

I went jogging this morning. As I have done for the past few weeks. It was the bank holiday weekend in August when I said to Jen that I want to lose weight. I said by the time we get married (2 weeks from today) I weigh not more than 100 kilograms (kg).

Hurray, I achieved that about 2 weeks ago and I am almost at 98, counting for a loss of about 10 kg! No, you do not lose your belly but you lose weight. The belly stays once you passed 30. So, how did I do it?

What I did not do was having some miracle cure or remedy that just makes my weight disappear. I read a book to motivate me about “how to beat cancer by eating healthy”. That gave me motivation to:

  • cut down on alcohol
  • cut down on (red) meat
  • cut down on animal fat
  • eat more healthy stuff, e.g. vegetables
  • think about what you eat, eat less processed food

I did not read this book because I have cancer but because I am interested in changing my lifestyle so that this never becomes a topic to think about. Fingers crossed.

After all, I gave up smoking 9 years ago. Smoked off and on since but in general, I did quit from 60 a day and never went back to a proper smoking routine of more than 10 months and more than maximum of about a pack a day. Haven’t smoked for the last 3 years really but the odd cigar and pipe – which is not a problem if you do know it is the odd one. Self-control it is.

When I gave up smoking Alan Carr’s book clearly helped by saying “do not focus on the cigarettes you give up but on the fresh air, healthy life etc. you gain”. Old NLP technique I mentioned before. Motivate yourself towards a goal and not away from it.

So, coming back to my weight loss, I focused away from weight, away from being fat. But what I really focus on is my healthier lifestyle:

  • slimmer figure
  • more toned body
  • healthier look
  • healthy food
  • healthy digestion (you wouldn’t believe it … I spare the details)
  • more energy
  • better feeling towards yourself

As you can see I focused on the good things in life. The slimmer figure I got. I lost about 2 kilos just by not drinking wine every night. To be honest, I cut down on alcohol to an absolute minimum. Didn’t stop me to have a great night with great wine but I reduced the amount significantly. The odd glass does not do any harm – red wine is even healthy in moderation. Then, just by cutting out animal fat – the odd burger after a night out or a kebab – that is where the fat is! And, the less you drink, the less you are tempted to have this hangover cure.

Also, I started jogging again. 10 minutes to begin with. Then half an hour, an hour by now. Weight just comes off if you exercise. If I did not feel well, I would go for a long walk. Walked down the River Thames last week and 3 days of exhibition, makes it probably about 10 kilometers a day. It all counts. The stairs in the office, the walk at lunch time. Give those elevators a miss.

Got myself a bench to do some bench press and free weights for my biceps. No, I do not look or want to look like Arnold but I really like being a little more toned. A little bit muscular, makes you feel stronger and burns off a lot of calories. Do not forget, just a few repetitions work wonder. 5 minutes in the morning and 10 at night. That is all it takes.

The healthy look comes automatically. Your skin clears up. And then, the healthy food! Never thought that some veggies could be so tasty. Unfortunately I have an intolerance against “Quorn” so stick to Tofu, but there are loads of alternative options out there. Some rice or pasta with broccoli and Indian spices do it for me. Saves me money too. Overall, perfect way to save money and eat healthy. And it is no effort at all.

If you do all that on a regular base over a few weeks, a month or two, you do notice that you gain more energy. You sleep better and get more done. You think clearer too. You sometimes do not stop thinking and go wild. You need to run because you feel the “ants in your pants”. A positive vicious circle.

I mean, let me not forget. If you drink a lot, have a nice meal every other night then you get tired, lazy and get into the vicious circle the other way around. Change today and you will see how much you can gain. Quit the glass of wine at night that you think gives you relief, step up the game and go for a 15 minute run. Notice the difference within a week!

So what do I do when I do not feel like doing anything? It is cheesy but I watch Rocky. Either the first movie or when he fights the Russian. I love the scenes when he trains in the snow in Russia. No technology, just him and nature. Often, I just watch it on fast forward. But it is great to see that someone with no help and financial support can achieve so much just by wanting it. You can too!

It comes back to my grandma – if you set your mind to it you can do it. I have the stamina and motivational power to do it. I can do it. I want to move towards to……

Try it for yourself!