Motivation that really works!

Jon Gordon has a fantastic newsletter I read on a regular basis. One recently focused on Motivation and what you have to do to really make it work!

1. Don’t be too busy to communicate.

Be open with the people you want to motivate. Transparency, communication and openness go a very long way. Be positive.

2. Lead with optimism.

Getting things done and having a can-do attitude are key. Be optimistic and transfer your belief onto others.

3. Share the vision.

Constantly share your vision. The plan for a better and brighter future. Talk about the actions you will take. That will inspire your team. A vision statement and clear direction.

4. Relationships build real motivation.

Know the people you work with and have a relationship with them.

5. Create purpose-driven goals.

There is a desire to make a difference in everyone. People work harder knowing they contribute to the overall success of the team. When money is a side factor and the motivation comes from working for a greater purpose, you got your team at a very high level of motivation.

And usually, at least in sales, if you achieve the latter, then the money will follow.

Have a positive day!