New addition to my Whisky collection

Yes, I could not resist today.

I bought myself a nice bottle of Ardbeg whisky which was long overdue in my small collection. The Whisky Exchange at London Borough Market, description, has one of the best collection of whiskys in London!


A fine drop of Ardbeg bottled at cask strength.It`s an earthy whisky with a bit of spice – a marriage of Ardbeg from bourbon barrel and sherry butt which gives a sweet and smokey finish to this malt at 54.2%. Uigeadail is the loch from which all Ardbeg water flows and you can suck up the Islay landscape with a dram of this fine whisky. Winner of World Whisky of The Year title in Jim Murray`s 2009 Whisky Bible.
Wow, isn’t that a beauty to describe an award winning whisky. And, it tastes lovely sweetish, peaty and a smooth aftertaste. Definitely a whisky to share in this cold weather.