New Challenge – no wine for a month

Ok, this might seem odd at first, but I have decided to not drink any wine for a month. Although the sign says ‘no meat’, this is untrue in my case 🙂 no wine

This is not because I think I drink too much, as I won’t stop drinking. However, I find that I spoiled myself with good wines lately and don’t find as much pleasure drinking the cheaper wines. Now, you could argue I am doing this to save money.

Again, this is not the real reason. I believe the real reason is that I want to see how my taste buds change over a period of a month and whether the cheap wine is still very much a “no go” or if I am happy to touch that wine again. Also, will I still be in favour of the lovely high priced wines?

We shall see. My weekly wine column has been written until early October, so don’t worry, they have all been tasted already.

Cheers 😉